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Audiologist & Hearing Aid Specialist 

Stuart Burrell is an Independent Audiologist & Hearing aid specialist with over 35  years of experience working in the NHS and private sector alongside some of the UK’s most highly regarded Audiologists, ENT surgeons and therapists.

Stuart Burrell is one of the most experienced audiologists in the Midlands, having spent over 37 years working in both the public and private sector. He was Head of Audiology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for 27 years and gained experience working with some of the most complex and challenging hearing difficulties alongside a very experienced team of audiologists, therapists and surgeons. He has had his own independent private practice for the last 29 years and has helped many thousands of people to improve their hearing and quality of life. He is able to offer advice on all areas of hearing assessment and rehabilitation. This may be testing and examination to aid diagnosis, or development of treatment plans and options which may include:

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