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Professor Philip Begg

NHS clinical work Sycamore House Medical Centre Walsall | Research at Institute of Translational Medicine at UHB | BSc, MBA, PhD

Image by Mark Paton

Professor Philip Begg has more than 40 years clinical experience in the field of hearing disorders. Services he offers include; evaluation of hearing, occupational/medico-legal hearing evaluation, hearing rehabilitation including the most up to date hearing aid technology, balance disorders, tinnitus counselling and rehabilitation, wax removal and all audiological diagnostics. 

He has a long and respected career in the UK and internationally, with a special research interest in cochlear implants and medical robotics. In fact, he and his colleagues at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham recently completed a £1.6million research study developing an implantable middle ear microphone and were featured in the BBC documentary series Surgeons at the Edge of Life (series 1, episode 3 Pioneers - image credit BBC) 


Hearing Aid

Prof Begg has an impressive publication portfolio and holds academic positions at Aston University, Brunel University in the UK and the University of Kentucky in USA. 


He welcomes referrals from GPs, ENT Surgeons and self referral’s from patients.

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