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Mr Mark Foster

Podiatrist and Chiropodist, BSc, (Hons), MChS | Podiatry | Routine Chiropody | Wound Care |

Minor Surgery for Treatment of Ingrowing Toenails

Career highlights include:

Dudley South PCT, heading up the Biomechanical Department and Orthotics Manufacturing lab.


Snow & Rock in London, making orthotics for skiers.


London School of Podiatry, teaching in the orthotics lab.

After graduating in 2000, Mark immediately started working privately, sticking to the core principles of podiatry, routine chiropody, wound care and minor surgery. He also aligned himself with physio, osteopathic and chiropractic therapists to gain as much experience in musculoskeletal pathology as possible.

I take a more holistic and rounded approach when prescribing orthotics for patients. It's important to take into account the global picture of their body - and not just the knee down!

During his time in the NHS, Mr Foster worked alongside a podiatric surgeon, setting him up well for his work now, as he take referrals from different orthopaedic surgeons for foot, knee and hip patients.

Along the way, Mr Foster has added to his repertoire with podiatric acupuncture and joint mobilisation, both of which he refined on a visit to Australia where he spent some time with a muscoloskeletal doctor in Sydney. However, he likes to keep up to date with the basics with regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) because these, delivered well, with kindness and a human approach yield great results for patients.

Dr Mark Foster at Chamberlain Clinic

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