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Mr Alistair Stirling

More than 30 years after his consultant appointment to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Mr Stirling continues to see patients for assessment and non-surgical management of all thoracic and low back spinal conditions.

Back Pain Treatment

Alistair's work has been recognised with a number of national awards including:

NHS National Silver Merit Award.
Honorary Life Membership of the Society for Back Pain Research.
Honorary Life Membership of the National Back Pain Clinical Network
And Honorary Life Fellowship of the British Orthopaedic Association.

He qualified from Birmingham in 1977 after an elective period in Jamaica and a Travelling Scholarship to Hong Kong. His post graduate training included teaching Anatomy in Nottingham and Registrar periods in Birmingham, Leicester and Leeds.


He was awarded an MRC Research Fellowship and subsequently Lectureship in the University of Leeds. His surgical Fellowship training in Trauma and Spinal Surgery was in Australia. He was appointed Consultant to the General Hospital and Royal Orthopaedic Hospitals in Birmingham in 1989.

At the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital he was responsible for the introduction of physiotherapist-based Back Pain and Sciatica clinics; and microsurgical spinal decompression and reconstructive techniques for spinal tumour, trauma, infection and degenerative disease.

Throughout his illustrious career he has been Clinical Lead for Spinal Surgery; Lead Clinician National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE); ​ recognised as a national authority on the treatment of spinal oncology; and Foundation Tutor of Spinal Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons. 

Between 2010-2018 he was a member and a lead contributor of the Department of Health Spinal Taskforce reports and the National Low Back and Radicular Pain Pathway as well as Chair of United Kingdom Spinal Societies Board. 

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