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P4 Fertility Clinic

Fertility Consultation | One-Stop Diagnostics | Recurrent miscarriage

IUI, IVF and ICSI treatment.

Mr Yadava Jeve, MBBS, MSc, MRCOG, MBA, PhD

Consultant Gynaecologist | Subspecialist Fertility

Mr Jeve is an accredited subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. He is a specialist who treats various fertility conditions. He is an expert in managing IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, poor ovarian response, recurrent implantation failure, premature ovarian insufficiency, donor egg treatment, surrogacy, and reproductive endocrinology.


He is a also a laparoscopic and hysteroscopy surgeon with a special interest in managing conditions affecting fertility; and has helped many couples to achieve their dream of having a family. 

The Cornerstones of P4 Fertility






Prediction is vital in fertility care and IVF for maximum success at minimum risk. Based on all available clinical information, tests and high-quality scientific research.


Prevention is better than cure. At P4 fertility, safety is a top priority. We minimise the risks with a precise preventative approach at every step of IVF. The right balance of risk and benefit is paramount.


We individualise fertility care for you. Your clinical data, results and biomarkers are used. You are treated as an individual who is going through a stressful medical treatment.


You are at the centre of care, and are in control, allowing you to actively participate in decision making and treatment planning. Unbiased scientific information means you make an informed choice.

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